Surinder Bhatti

Life Coach & Fitness Personal Trainer

Surinder Bhatti

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Surinder is the founder and director of Sprint-A-Head (Fitness & Wellbeing). She has over 16 years’ experience working and consulting as a Senior Manager in Human Resources within multi-international companies including; Pyrex Cookware and Arc International Tableware.

Surinder now specialises in Fitness & Wellbeing therapy to achieve long term/life changing results. She applies powerful and proven techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Her approach is underpinned by HR best practice. She is able to: break through the presenting issues, reveal the root cause and address the obstacles. Clients are left to get on with their life, be more resourceful and have a positive state of mind.

How Long Will It Take Get Results?

Clients can expect to notice a positive change within themselves from the first or second therapy session(s).

What Results Can Be Expected?

Each therapy session focusses on achieving results to help the client reach their final outcome/goal. The overall expected outcome is agreed with the client. Examples include the following:

Targeting Root Cause And Removing:

  • Negative emotions: Such as stress, sadness, depression, anger, guilt etc.
  • Low self-esteem: Negative feelings about how you feel about yourself overall.
  • Low confidence : Negative feelings about your abilities.
  • Anxiety: Nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry of an event/situation.
  • Limiting beliefs: Beliefs which constrain/limit you e.g. sentences starting with “I can’t …”.

Creating Positive State Of Mind

  • Providing self-initiating mechanisms to access positive mental resources whenever you want, such as feeling more:
  • Relaxed, content, confident, motivated, determined, focused, organised.


  • Improving relationships and addressing obstacles.
  • Improving communication between parties.
  • Dealing with past relationships causing upset.

Work & Career

  • Addressing obstacles affecting work and progression.
  • Advising on career opportunities and interviews.

Fitness & Weight Loss

  • Devising fitness training programme to achieve goals.
  • Applying NLP techniques to remove obstacles e.g. procrastination
  • Providing self-initiating NLP techniques to improve motivation.
  • Giving nutritional advice.
  • Conducting one-to-one personal fitness training.


  • Applying techniques to control/stop addictions such as alcohol, smoking, eating certain types of food.


  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Master Practitioner Time line therapy
  • Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy
  • NLP trainer
  • Master NLP coach
  • Post Graduate Degree in Personnel Management (Leeds University)
  • BSc (Hons) Quality Management, 2.1 (Salford University)

What Do Her Clients Say?

Surinder is amazing, I can’t believe at the beginning of the sessions I was in such a bad place and now I feel wonderful”. (Healthcare employee).
“I don’t feel stressed or have the anxiety anymore” (Healthcare employee).
“I was so nervous before, Surinder’s therapy sessions have helped me get rid of my anxiety and other negative emotions”. (Business owner).