Homeopathy is an alternative and complementary form of medicine based on the use of natural substances in diluted and energised form to bring healing and relief.  Remedies are chosen which match how you feel - emotionally, physically and energetically.  Homeopathy offers an alternative approach and philosophy yet may be used alongside conventional medicine if you choose.

A Homeopathic remedy is chosen to match your symptoms and also to suit you individually as a person.  Homeopathy aims to stimulate a balancing process giving your body the energy to heal generally as well as addressing particular symptoms.  It has been used to treat a wide range of people suffering with a variety of symptoms for example:-

  • childhood illnesses, earache, tonsillitis, infant eczema, persistent colds, fears, behavioural difficulties, sleeping issues
  • women’s health issues including difficulties during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause
  • chronic health problems, allergies, hay fever, asthma, skin conditions, digestive disorders, depression, eating disorders, ME, migraine
  • you may have low energy, be feeling stuck, down or in need of a boost to promote your health and well-being

Each person has an individual experience of their illness although they may share common symptoms. Your homeopath will look for a pattern which connects how you feel and how your body has responded rather than prescribing routinely for the condition.  She will select a remedy that suits you as an individual. The approach is holistic and acknowledges how you feel emotionally as well as physically.

The Homeopathic process of healing is from within and may involve a ‘clear out’ as you regain the energy to throw out your symptoms.  In an acute illness you may respond to the remedy very quickly.  In a chronic illness you may start to feel better but take some time to heal more fully.