Shiatsu is a physical therapy aimed at treating your condition through the application of touch as well as helping you to learn how to heal yourself. The treatment approach and philosophy is similar to acupuncture in its usage of the meridians (energy channels) and tsubo (pressure points) but Shiatsu does not call for needles.

Rather it uses pressure, stretching and rotation, and different types of touch with the intention of renewing the person’s energy, and therefore their health and well-being. Advice on corrective, health promoting exercises may also be part of the treatment. It can be used to treat many conditions and is very good for any stress-related symptoms.

General Areas

Neck/shoulder and back pain, reduced mobility and joint pain, headaches/migraines, digestive problems, asthmatic symptoms, depression, anxiety and stress-related symptoms, menstrual problems, lethargy & fluid retention.

Specialist Areas

Having been a midwife Janet Attwood specialises in giving Shaitsu through pregnancy and after childbirth.


Janet Attwood