EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)


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Memories are linked in networks that contain related thoughts, images, emotions, and sensations. When a traumatic or very negative event occurs, information processing may be incomplete. The memory is dysfunctionally stored without appropriate associative connections and with many elements still unprocessed.

When the individual thinks about the trauma, or when the memory is triggered by similar situations, the person may feel like she is reliving it, or may experience strong emotions and physical sensations.

EMDR involves alternating stimulation via eye movement from side to side, alternating pressure on the body, tapping on the body or other left-right stimulation. It appears to process emotional issues by allowing unprocessed trauma stored with negative thoughts and beliefs in separate unconnected networks to link together. This causes spontaneous insight and change, bringing relief from psychological problems and illness with great rapidity.

EMDR Therapists

Jacqueline Bird

Jane Holmes

Isabell Thomas