Experiential Psychotherapy


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Experiential Psychotherapy emphasises the importance of the relationship between therapist and client where a confirming, accepting relationship is seen as facilitating client change in its own right.

The trusting relationship that builds between therapist and client will help bring the focus to the client’s inner experience which promotes deeper understanding and opens up new paths.

A focus on the ‘felt sense’ of an experience or complex feeling will lift it to a different level of consciousness. Negative feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness or disappointment are often repressed or shut away because they are experienced as dangerous or bad; experiential therapy allows these feelings to be felt and named perhaps for the first time often bringing a sense of relief and the hope of integration.

The physically sensed release of words which feel exactly right in describing what is hidden deep inside can bring a profound feeling of change and moving forward. From this carried-forward experiencing, this new step, everything begins to look and feel different.


Kate Charters

Sally Warner