Psychosexual Therapy


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At times people experience difficulties in their sexual relationship and they need to seek professional help due to the anxiety and unhappiness they experience.

Psychosexual therapy (PST) offers an individual or a couple an opportunities to explore their sexual problems and emotional blocks which offer insight and understanding.

Clients having the following problems: Vaginismus, Dysareunia, , Inorgasmia, Erectile dysfunction, Gender identity, Sexual Aversion and phobias, Impaired sexual arousal or desire, premature and retard ejaculation are helped by a psychosexual therapy programme.

The therapist will generally adopt an integrative approach using person- centred, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural approaches. There will generally be a comprehensive assessment of the problem which might take two individual sessions. Once a diagnosis has been made the clients will often be offered a programme specific to their needs and it includes a combination of counselling, communication exercises, looking at attitudes and beliefs and specific tasks will be given which will be carried out at home. All of these help to enable a couple or individual move forward towards a more fulfilling love life.


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