Stress in the workplace

Stress is one of the most alarming emerging risks to business today. According to a recent HSE Survey, over 13million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in UK companies during 2006/7. (HSE Website).

Employees have an average of 8 days off due to sickness each year, costing a company on average £659 per employee per year (CIPD Research, quoted in People Management Magazine 19.09.07). For a company with 200 employees this is equivalent to £131,800.00 per annum or 1,600 working days lost in just one year. This is a significant cost to any organisation, large or small.

Sometimes a symptom of stress is back, neck or shoulder pain. Musculoskeletal disorders are also amongst commonly reported work-related illnesses, accounting for 35% of all sickness reported in a year in 2006/7 (HSE Website).

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