How The Orchard Can Help

StressStress at work is a very complex issue – some of it is work-related and some links into personal difficulties. When an employee takes time off and sends in a sick-note, counselling and treatment can help the stressed employee get back to work more quickly.

What is more difficult for an employer is when the stressed employee does not take time off but causes disruption at work. Our years of experience of working in this field have shown us that unresolved stress issues can result in conflict, inappropriate behaviour or physical illness. This could have a serious impact on your organisation in terms of employee well-being and revenue.

The Orchard’s Health and Well-Being Scheme will handle the complexities of this sensitive area on your behalf and support your staff as an external resource. This will help you manage these difficulties by taking the stress out of the workplace.

Currently the Health and Safety Executive offers only guidelines to companies and organisations in relation to stress management. There are however two laws where employers have certain duties. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999 the employer is responsible for assessing the risk of stress related ill health arising from work activities. Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 employers are obliged to take measures to control that risk.

A contract with The Orchard to provide a health and well being scheme can minimise a company’s chances of litigation from a stressed employee.