Counselling Examples

All names have been changed.

Joe Smith’s company were having difficulty with working out what to do with him. He was one of their best salesmen who after being involved in a road traffic accident was very anxious when driving and wasn’t sleeping well. Joe’s boss became concerned when Joe began to take time off and could not meet his targets. He was assessed by one of our psychologists who diagnosed post traumatic stress and recommended a course of counselling and EMDR. After six sessions, Joe was able to return to work better able to cope with work and home life.

Sally Tomlinson worked as a receptionist in a housing department. This was a stressful job that needed a calm, cheerful approach but Sally found it increasingly difficult to handle the clients because she was so pre-occupied with her own problems. Occasionally, when things got a bit difficult she had to rush to the toilet to cry because she didn’t want people at work to know that she was going through a difficult time in her marriage and feared her husband was about to leave her. This came to a crisis when Sally sent in a sick note and she was off work for several weeks with depression. When her line manager visited her at home she talked about her marital problems. Her company paid for 6 sessions of relationship counselling for her and her partner with one of our experienced couple counsellors. Sally was able to return to work soon afterwards feeling well supported by her company.

David Jenkins, a lecturer at a local college, had lost his mother six months previously and was having difficulties coming to terms with her death. His college paid for six sessions of bereavement counselling which enabled him to return to work and then he decided to carry on seeing his counsellor privately to address his long-term issues with depression.