Telephone Counselling


The Orchard offers a 24-hr telephone counselling service 365 days per year, called Stressline. Some companies choose to subscribe to this service on a stand-alone basis, and others prefer to offer both telephone counselling and face-to-face counselling to their employees.

Some people experiencing difficulties find it easier to use telephone counselling than to seek face to face counselling. Telephone counselling offers individuals the opportunity to share and explore their problems in confidence with an experienced counsellor who can be objective and non-judgemental. This interaction with someone well removed from work and family often helps the individual to feel more able to cope with their difficulties and, where appropriate, to develop strategies to deal with them. Problems may seem overwhelming when bottled up and this often leads to further stress – the simple act of picking up the phone and starting to talk may offer an invaluable sense of relief.

Stressline Offers
  • 24 hour Helpline, every day of the year
  • Rapid access to an experienced counsellor
  • Confidential and anonymous help and support – the service works using a company reference number only: individual names need not be used
  • Expertise in main problem areas such as relationships, work-related problems, financial difficulties, bereavement, medical or legal problems and moving house
  • The opportunity to call from home or work – no travelling involved
  • A FREEPHONE number, that will cost the caller nothing
  • Unlimited calls with no time restriction
  • A service for members and their families
  • Six monthly evaluations to member companies of the use of the service