Trauma Support

Trauma SupportSometimes sadly, a company is deeply affected by a shocking incident that takes place either in the workplace itself or involves one of their staff while off-site. Individuals deal with trauma in different ways and some prefer to ‘get straight back in the saddle’ but for others some professional support might be helpful.

The Orchard provides a service supporting staff who have witnessed or been closely involved in a traumatic incident either recently or in the past. This may apply to people directly involved in a violent attack, physical or sexual assault, car accident, domestic accident, major disaster, or those who have witnessed a death or an accident. It may also apply to those experiencing a sudden loss of a relationship, of a family member/loved one, of a job or of your home/possessions. Such incidents are abnormal events, which set off various reactions that are normal for someone who has experienced an abnormal event.

We offer immediate de-briefing sessions to help avoid long-term PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder).

Our support package offers immediate de-briefing sessions either individually or in groups, followed by one-to-one support where necessary.

De-briefing sessions undertaken within 72 hours of the incident involve:
  • talking through the event so that any psychological effects will be reduced
  • sharing experiences
  • expressing impressions, reactions and feelings
  • enabling those involved to support each other (where applicable)
  • making sense of the experience
  • education and information
  • mobilising sources of help – personal, family, colleagues, organisational and external resources
Follow-up sessions
  • Take place one week later
  • Checking on psychological well-being of staff
  • Assessing need for further support
One-to-one Post traumatic stress counselling offers:
  • Psychological assessment by clinical psychologist, where necessary
  • 6-8 sessions of work with a trauma counsellor
  • Use of variety of techniques as required, such as EMDR, hypnosis, relaxation techniques
  • Body therapies

Typically we work with staff affected by a raid while at work, with medical staff and ambulance workers, with the police and with victims of road traffic accidents.

A comprehensive information pack is available.