Physical Therapies

Physical TherapiesMost of the companies we work with report that approximately 1/3 of employee absence is due to musculoskeletal problems. Getting treatment through the NHS is a slow process and with more severe difficulties staff can be off work for months. This kind of absence can be costly, particularly when part-time cover has to be arranged.

We offer:
  • Prompt assessment and treatment
  • Treatment for acute and chronic pain
  • Reports for employers following assessment and treatment
  • An exercise plan following treatment for prevention of future problems
  • Prompt intervention to get employees back to work
  • Highly qualified and experienced therapists
  • Pilates classes to strengthen core muscles and prevent back problems

Here at The Orchard we have Physiotherapists, an Osteopath, a McTimoney Musculo-Skeletal Therapist and 2 Acupuncturists who all offer very effective treatments for back problems and who usually have immediate appointments available. In addition we offer less well-known treatments for musculoskeletal problems such as Rolfing, which have had very positive results.

These services can be paid for by the employer as required (always cheaper than absenteeism and training costs) or alternatively, a retainer may be paid to allow employees quick and easy access to all the therapies at The Orchard at a discounted rate.