Stress Management Workshops

Stress is frequently the subject of articles in the press. The media would have us believe that stress is a sign of weakness and that we need stress to produce our best work. At the Orchard we knows that too much stress can result in ineffectiveness at work and sometimes long-term mental and physical ill health. The general aim of our workshops is to ensure that participants understand that stress is specific to each individual or organisation and requires a variety of solutions.

These workshops are particularly useful for managers. Workshops cover the identification of stress, legal obligation of companies, skills training and tools for managing stress.


Workshops set out to increase awareness of healthy and unhealthy stress so that an individual can identify when they are no longer coping with the personal and work pressures that face them. Participants are encouraged to take action and develop adequate coping strategies both at a personal and an organisational level.

Typical Content
  • Definition of stress
  • Stressors
  • Symptoms
  • Personality types
  • Communication skills
  • Healthy and unhealthy stress
  • Improving the work/home balance
  • Resources for managing stress
  • Dealing with different people

The workshops are structured to emphasise experiential learning through role-playing, brainstorming, self-evaluation and open discussion, as well as more formal input from the workshop leaders. The workshops run for a minimum of three hours and are suitable for up to 12 participants. Each participant takes away an information pack with further opportunities for self -evaluation and improvement.

Workshops generally take place on company premises, although alternative venues may be arranged if required.

Sometimes these groups form part of the induction package when an organisation decides to offer the Stressline telephone counselling service to its staff.