What is Life Coaching?

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CounsellingWhatever the size of your organisation, Life Coaching offers a way to inspire and develop individuals to achieve transition or to optimise performance. Ideal for managers or business leaders, Life Coaching offers one-to-one sessions to support, expand and stretch horizons and challenge stagnant thinking. Our life coaches can help your managers find the motivation they need to break through creative blocks and turn your business around.

For many talented people, the barrier to outstanding performance lies not in what they do but in how they think. Life Coaching offers a way to change what individuals do by challenging the way they think.

Our Life Coaches often use NLP techniques. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming, which is based on the fact that we ‘think’ our way through life. An NLP practitioner will help the client look at any unhelpful thinking, which is impeding growth. The therapist will help the client find more helpful and positive ways of thinking to improve their lives.

Life Coaching is an ideal tool for:
  • Business Owners
  • Individuals
  • Career Progression
  • Performance Management
  • Maternity Management
Contract Options include:
  • Choice of 2-3 on-site 2-hr sessions
  • Regular fortnightly 1-hr sessions held at The Orchard with email support between sessions – (average of between 6–12 sessions.)


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