Fertile Body Method

Fertility is an aspect of life that very few of us consider until we think it is time to have children! So it is not suprising that women, couples and same sex couples are dismayed when conception does not happen. This is when stress, anger, confusion and self doubt/recrimination can appear, creating a cycle of thinking that is less than supportive or helpful.

Fertile Body Therapists understand the impact this state of mind has on your health and your life, whether you are experiencing unexplained infertility, medical infertility and choose IVF or other methods of conception, Fertile Body Therapy can support you.

The FBM can help enhance fertility by:

  • Reducing stress and increasing feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Restoring physical, mental and emotional balance and wellbeing
  • Balance can be restored through relaxation, positive cognitive changes, visualisation and changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle
  • Restoring hormonal balance, regulating the natural balance in the autonomic nervous system, regulating and restoring healthy immune system function
  • Creating balance in the body can be further enhanced by creating balance in thinking. Decreasing negative self talk and excessive worry will help restore emotional and physical balance and ensure that these changes are maintained.
  • Identifying and resolving issues which may be preventing conception (unconscious or conscious resistance).

Fertile Body Therapists work with you to be able to

  • acknowledge and address your feelings,
  • see and clarify the choices that lay ahead,
  • give you a way to get back a feeling of control,
  • work with powerful relaxation/visualisation/suggestion techniques to reduce the stress in your body and
  • bring you and your body back into balance

The Fertile Body Method is a mind body approach to fertility which acknowledges the importance of working with fertility problems in a holistic way.

Hypnosis is potentially a very powerful and effective therapeutic tool and is used in many of the techniques and approaches suggested in the Fertile Body Method.

Hypnosis is a trance state induced through focusing attention on any current internal or external sensory experience; hypnotherapy is the art of utilising this state of absorption to facilitate inner change, which can positively impact on physical wellbeing and fertility.