Complementary Therapy

The importance of health and well-being is undeniable in today’s world. However we now have many alternative ways of keeping healthy. Going to the Doctor and taking standard medication is no longer our only option.Here at The Orchard we provide many complementary or alternative therapies in order to treat problems and maintain well-being.

Although we call these approaches complementary it is worth remembering that what is complementary in one culture may be standard medical practice in another.For example we may call acupuncture a complementary therapy yet it has been a traditional part of medicine in China for centuries.One of the main concepts of complementary medicine is to give an holistic (whole body) approach to improve health and well-being.

An holistic approach encourages the body to heal itself rather than just relieve the symptoms. In many cases it is not just the physical but also the mental and spiritual aspects of health which are considered in order to treat clients. This mind-body connection emphasises the importance that a person’s emotional state can have on their health.

The stress and pressure of our lives create great tension in our bodies. The calming body treatments available at The Orchard provide the body with respite from this and thus encourage relaxation and healing.By not just accepting traditional medicine and by making personal choices and decisions you can take active control of your health and well-being.