What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a therapeutic discipline, practice and philosophy. It is a transformational tool that brings balance back to body and mind, allowing us to connect more deeply to our spirit, the authentic driving force within us, that gives our lives meaning and substance. It is a blend of Eastern and Western practices, techniques and philosophies, which combine dynamic relaxation exercises - simple effective exercises using the breath and moment, breath awareness, breathing exercise, visualisation exercises (specific to Sophrology) and relaxation techniques. These are all very simple and effective tools and give clear benefits within a short space of time. The exercises are done in different postures; typically in various sitting postures and standing up, but can also include slow walking and lying down, and the exercises are mainly done with eyes closed. You leave the session with a toolkit of exercises specific to your needs which can been used and adapted to meet your daily life for example, waiting for a bus or standing in a queue can become an opportunity for you to use these quick and simple techniques to help you continue to grow and develop in awareness and maintain a state of relaxed vitality.Through regular practise of Sophrology increased awareness and perception is developed, as is self-understanding and how we relate to the world grows. Feeling more relaxed, centred and grounded we naturally become more present, our senses become more heightened and we start to see the world around us through a fresher perspective, colours start to become more vivid, we start to feel more alive in ourselves and our vitality and passion for life re-awakens. No matter what your age or your health condition, Sophrology can help.

Sophrology has been a highly popular method that has been practised within businesses, schools, hospitals including oncology departments, maternity clinics, communities, sports and the arts within other parts of the continent, especially in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Sophrology is starting to grow in the UK and we now have 25 English speaking Sophrologists in the UK, there are over 12,000 in France, so we have a bit of a way to go.

Sophrology is very effective for a number of therapeutic conditions including, not limited to: anxiety, depression, insomnia, ME and chronic fatigue, pain, panic attacks, weight management, stress management and can also help with managing cancer. It is also very effective for self-development, improving self-confidence and self-esteem and for preparing for future events such as pregnancy, exams, interviews, stage performance, competitions and sports, public speaking.


“Sophrology proved to be of immeasurable value in assisting my recovery from Post Viral Fatigue. I found meditation impossible, I now use Sophrology to relax and increase vitality daily. Daily practice helps me feel stress free, focused, more confident, a better communicator, I enjoy life more! This is a great thing for anyone to learn and benefit from, Carla is an inspiring teacher.” - Vicky from Leeds

“I would fully recommend Sophrology to anyone seeking deep relaxation and an amazing feel good factor. I was positively floating by the end of my session and it felt like I’d been massaged on the inside. This was my first session and I didn’t go with any specific agenda. Carla was very welcoming and explained clearly what was going to happen. I felt very safe in her hands. It was a truly pleasurable experience and you come away with useful tools to use yourself at home……..I’m looking forward to joining a course soon.” - Shirley