Caroline Clifford-Smith


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I have a Master’s degree in Osteopathy from Leeds Metropolitan University. I was drawn to Osteopathy from an early age due to members of my family going for treatment and having such a great response to treatment. I was therefore able to appreciate the importance of specific treatment plans for each individual patient, which I continue to emphasise in my own practice today. I enjoy treating patients of all ages, with any musculoskeletal or sporting injury; and have a special interest in hypermobility.

I have undertaken a course in cranial osteopathy and Kinesio-taping. Cranial osteopathy has allowed me to work with babies by offering a pain-free, relaxing and gentle treatment. It can help relieve symptoms such as colic, problems with feeding, sleeping, and constipation. Kinesio-taping is a form of sports taping which you may have seen on athletes at the Olympics, on footballers, or at Wimbledon; it can be used for almost any sporting injury, postural complaint or lower back pain. It lasts for around 5 days and can be worn in the shower, giving extra support and strength to the muscles and joints that have been affected by your injury.

Therapies offered


  • Master’s degree in Osteopathy from Leeds Metropolitan University

Days and hours of work

Mondays and Thursdays.